Stag Night (2008)

Four men out on a STAG NIGHT in New York prematurely exit an underground train after the soon-to-be-best-man begins to hassle two women. Trapped at a deserted station these six adults become the target of a gruesome manhunt when a secret gang of cannibal dwellers, living in the tunnels discovers them. Tensions will rise as they fight to make it through the night with all their limbs attached.

General Info

Genre: Horror  /Thriller

Completion: 2008

Release Date: February 24, 2010

Rating: R

Duration: 84 Minutes

Director: Peter A. Dowling

Writer: Peter A. Dowling

Starring:  Kip Pardue, Vinessa Shaw and Breckin Meyer

Executive Producers:  Todd Traina, Darryn Welch, Chris Ouwinga

Associate Producers:  Nicole Haessermann, Sheila Kerrigan, Michael LaFetra

CO-Producers: Jo Marr, Peter Lewis

Supervising Producer: Carl Goldstein

Producers: Christopher Eberts, Michael Philip, Arnold Rifkin,

Production Companies:  Film Tiger, Instinctive Film, Rifkin Eberts

Distribution Companies: Arsenal Pictures, 21st Century Pictures

Distribution DVD: Gosthouse Underground, Grindstone Entertainment Group, House Creek Entertainment, Indies Home Entertainment, Koch Media, Maple Pictures, Movie Bank, PlayArte Films

Other Companies: Autonomous FX, Cutting Edge Group. NPI Production Services, NovaStar Digial, Packfair Airfreight


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Festival /Awards:

Los Angeles Film Festival, June 23, 2007

Newport Beach Film Festival 2008: Won Achievement Award- Feature Film

Philadelphia Film Festival 2008: Won Rising Star Award- Shane West

Prism Awards 2008: Nominated Prism Awards- Film Festival Release


Interview with Shane West
“Shane West on Joining the Germs and ‘What We Do is Secret.’ Rolling Stones  Magazine, August 6, 2008. Web. 27, June 2012.Link

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Sheffield and Nylon TV. Behind the Scenes of What We do is Secret

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