Mission Statement

Foundation is a full service forensic architectural consulting firm that will provide as little as original blueprints to accommodating a full service supervisor on-site daily.

Michael LaFetra is Foundation’s principal. Since 1999 he has served as his own client in a long series of restorative projects including; John Lautner’s Wolff, Rawlins and Stevens Houses, a Neutra remodel in the Hollywood Hills, R.M. Schindler’s How and Wolff Houses, Thornton Abell’s Rich House, A. Quincy Jones’ Volk House, Pierre Koenig’s CSH #21 and LaFetra Beach House, Ray Kappe’s Gould and Gertler residences, the winter-hardy mountain cabin of Robert Skinner and a 1920’s Mediterranean by Paul Williams. Foundation has worked directly with architects building ground-up construction to working alone. Forensically armed only with notes, blueprints and black & white photographs LaFetra’s expertise runs the gamut from full restoration to cosmetic overhaul. He has seamlessly managed to skillfully merge the old with the new all the while satisfying the least forgiving and most demanding client, himself.