Richard Neutra: 1958 Millard Kaufman Addition

Richard Neutra’s 1949 Millard Kaufman house is located on the South East side of the Santa Monica Mountains, and is adjacent to the Cahuenga Pass. Millard Kaufman was a screenwriter and creator of the popular cartoon character Mr. Magoo, and his wife, Lorraine, commissioned architect Richard Neutra and landscape architect Garret Eckbo, to build a house that the couple had previously designed on their own. The two-story, four-bedroom three-bathroom house is complete with wooden framework, redwood panels, and stucco and glass walls.

Michael’s first task with the Kaufman house was to restore Garret Eckbo’s original garden plan, utilizing native vegetation and a custom designed fountain. Neutra’s Bedroom Suite was also fully restored to reflect the architect’s original vision.

Fact Sheet:

Year: 1949 Addition 1958  Carport, covered patio and trellis
Architect: Richard Neutra
Collaboration with: Garrett Eckbo
Restoration Duration:  April 2002-April 2003
Style: Modern
Commissioned By: Millard Kaufman and Lorraine P Kaufman
4 bedroom 3 bathroom
Square Footage: 2,503
Lot Size:  12,444


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