Dr. Jack Kevorkian, whose participation in at least 130 assisted suicides earned him the nickname “Dr. Death,” courted controversy in the 1990s by arguing for death with dignity, and ended up being sentenced to a ten- to 25-year prison term for the 1998 death of Thomas Youk. Despite serving eight and a half years in prison, Kevorkian today insists, “I don’t have regrets. In fact, I’m thankful.”

Genre: Documentary

Release Date:  2010


Duration: 52 Minutes

Director: Matthew Galkin


Starring: Jack Kevorkian



Produced By:

Senior Producer:  Nancy Abraham

Executive Producer: Scott Altomare, Sheila Nevins

Associate Producer: Drew Gallagher, Bryan Quinn

Producer: Michael La Fetra, Steve Lee Jones

Company Credits:

Production Companies: Foundation Films, Bee Holder Productions Fairhaven Films

Distribution Companies: HBO Box Office (HBO)

Other Companies: Abrams, Garfinkle Margolis, Bergson, Final Frame, Schellenberg and Evers, Splash Studios,

Official Movie Website:








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