Ray Kappe: 1967 Gould / LaFetra House

Ray Kappe’s 1967 Gould LaFetra House was originally pitched by Ray to Entenza for the CSH program but was turned down. With commanding views of Long Beach, Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean, this three-story, five-bedroom, four-bathroom house was the first house Ray Kappe experimented with laminated beams. The house’s open graded floor plan, or “modular system,” lends itself to the surrounding views by manipulating the perspective and creating a compositional plane (similar to Japanese ukiyoe) that eliminates the middle ground from view. Kappe distinguished the house’s elevation by using Douglas fir, redwood, mahogany, teak, and glass walls to form rectilinear shape as well as enhance public and private spaces in the house that are characterized by high ceilings in the living and dining room and low ceilings in the bedrooms.

During the renovation, Michael utilized the expertise of Ray Kappe for a few additions that where intended in the original blueprint. Michael’s work includes a pool, outdoor living room and two fireplaces in the interior living room and master suite of the house. Michael placed solar panels in the Gould LaFetra House to optimize the house’s energy for future use and created custom-built light fixtures appropriate to the late 1960’s throughout the house’s interior. To secure the house’s architectural integrity, the house was registered under the Mills Act as a Historic-Cultural Monument.

Fact Sheet:

Date: 1967

Address: Los Angeles

Architect: Ray Kappe

Style: Modern

Commissioned By: Leon Gould

5 bedrooms 3.5 bathrooms 3 Stories

Square Footage: 3,448 sq ft

Lot Size: 13,634

Mills Act August 2007

Historic-Cultural Monument: # 886

Restoration Duration:  April 2006-March 2007



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