John Lautner: 1980 Rawlins House



LaFetra has a special relationship to this house.  While he was growing up his parents would rent a house on the other side of Balboa Island for a few weeks every Summer.

After dinner the family would grab a frozen banana and walk around the whole island. Michael would stop dead in his tracks every time he came upon this house.  When the Rawlins passed away a few years ago he purchased the house and started to work on it.  It needed new plumbing, new electrical, and the passive radiant heat system had failed.  He replaced the roof and added solar panels. He is currently adding some finishing touches…

Fact Sheet:

Year: 1980
Address: Balboa
Architect: John Lautner
Restoration Duration:  Ongoing

Style: Modern
Commissioned By: Mr. & Mrs. Rawlins
Square Footage:
Lot Size: