Bart Got A Room (2008)

Nerdy high school senior Danny has spent six hundred bucks on the hotel room, the limo and the tux for his prom. He’s only missing one thing – the girl. Hampered by well intentioned but clueless advice from his newly divorced parents and unsympathetic mocking from his best friends, Danny battles peer pressure, teen angst and his own raging hormones as he desperately searches for a prom date. Danny’s luckless quest turns to panic when he learns that even Bart – the school’s biggest dweeb – has secured not only a date but also a hotel room for the night.

General Info:

Bart Got A Room
Official Movie Site
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Release Date: 2008
Duration: 80 min
Director/ Writer: Brian Hecker
Starring: Steven Kaplan, William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines
Other Synopsis: cinema.theiapolis.com

Company Credits:

Production Co: Plum Pictures, Hart/Lunsford Pictures, Basra Entertainment, Benedek Films Foundation Films, Shrink Media
Distribution Companies: Anchor Bay Entertaiment,  Eagle Films
Other Companies: Indiepay, IndieClear, Cineworks Digial Studio, Cutting Edge Group, Edgework, Film Source, Final Frame, Leward Camera Systems, Lightnin’ Production Rentals, Lori Wyman Casting, Numb Robot, Sonic Magic, Sound One, Trade Audio Visual



Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival: April 25, 2008
Fort Lauterdale International Film Festival
Won- International Film Guide Award 2008



Chicago Gen Art Film Festival Jury Award – June, 2008
Asheville Film Festival Award for Best Feature Film – November, 2008





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