A. Quincy Jones: 1962 Sherwood House


The Sherwood house was a delicate project.  There were originally five different schemes that were developed by the architect so elements from each were re-introduced to the final executed design.  There was also a need for an integrated water feature to deal with the sounds of 21st Century Beverly Hills.  Wood decks are no longer allowed in the city of Beverly Hills so Michael LaFetra needed to come up with a way to get private outdoor space back with sensitivity to not changing the general look of the house. Solar panels were also integrated into the  rebuilt roof.

Fact Sheet:

Year: 1962
Address: Beverly Hills
Architect: A. Quincy Jones
Collaboration with:
Restoration Duration:  March 2012-June 2013


Style: Modern
Commissioned By: Mr. & Mrs. Sherwood
Square Footage:
Lot Size: